A sustainable renovation story | Premium Collection Mallorca


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May 14, 2024

Follow along the sustainable journey of the Premium Home renovations in the historical village of Fornalutx, Mallorca.

Fornalutx is a small Mallorcan village nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Tramuntana Mountains. Despite its modest population of approximately 700 residents, the village welcomes many walking tourists from the neighbouring town of Sóller. In 1983, Fornalutx was rightfully named the ‘most beautiful village in Spain’ and a decade later was awarded for its exemplary commitment to the environment. In keeping with this commitment, the village prides itself on using energy cautiously and fostering a local community that cherishes the village’s precious history.

The Premium Mallorcan Home is a traditional property that exudes rich history within its old bones. As is tradition in this region, residences proudly retain their home’s original namesake despite a change of ownership. August has wholeheartedly embraced this tradition, preserving the property’s authentic identity. Adding an additional layer to the story, an antique chest of drawers originating from Sweden, that has been passed down for generations of the previous residents will act as the centrepiece for the design process. The goal of this renovation is to seamlessly blend the comforts of modern living with the architectural grandeur of Fornalutx’s protected community.

With sustainability defining daily life in this village, protection of both the community and the property’s history are at the forefront of the renovation process. The August design team are striving to repurpose quality furnishings to maintain the essence of the home. The impressive carpentry of the existing doors provides plentiful inspiration and with some rearranging, many have been repurposed. For instance, one of the two doors to this grand home has taken on a new role as the door to an upstairs bathroom. For any materials that the team cannot restore, the deposit facility in Sóller provides an excellent system where items are then sold from the town hall for other locals to purchase. This is just one way the community exemplifies sustainable living and community protection. 

As with any longstanding property, there are numerous quirks which make the renovation process both interesting and challenging. In Mediterranean culture, it is common that homes are built according to the size of the family. As a family grows, so does the house and usually upwards. Under the previous owners, a terrace became a bedroom, and an extension was built to accommodate a new terrace. The expansive construction process often results in sloped floors. To cherish the character of the house, the team have accommodated their designs to match the slopes.

Complementary to the conservation effort of this community, the thick Mallorcan stone walls that line the Premium Home act as an efficient energy-saving design. In the cooler months, the walls keep the heat in, and in the hotter months, the heat is kept out. The team have been thoroughly impressed by the building’s capacity to regulate the temperature even amidst the heat of Mallorcan summer. We feel hopeful that this traditional construction will reduce the reliance on air conditioning, enabling our Homeowners to embrace a lifestyle more akin to the locals’ way of living.


When talking to the August designer overseeing this renovation, she likened the town’s structural charm to the setting of the movie Aladdin. The house is intricately intertwined into the community yet achieves both privacy and tranquillity for a luxury living experience. Like numerous homes nestled in the centre of Fornalutx, the small streets seamlessly extend as the home’s back garden. A stone’s throw away, the chime of the nearby church bell will become the soundtrack of this home. As you walk through the cobblestone paths, every neighbour has adorned the streets with potted local plants, making the journey an inviting place to stroll.

As with all August renovation projects, it would not be possible without the support of local characters. A member of the design team stumbled across the local constructor responsible for this project by chance. To his astonishment, when working on the house, he discovered that the previous renovation of the kitchen and living room were completed by his father 30 years ago. Despite the need for modern updates, the enduring family ties woven into the home’s history provides a unique narrative to add to the story of the Fornalutx community.


As a final nod to the historical prominence of this home, Palma Airport proudly displays a photograph of Fornalutx and the now August-owned home. Be sure to look out for a preview of your new home when arriving in Mallorca!