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Nancy and Mike

Living in the US, August makes owning homes in Europe very easy and possible. It still allows us to continue with our lives in America and we can visit whenever we want.

Nancy and Mike have always dreamt of owning a home in Europe

There's a lot to consider in your search to find your perfect dream home abroad. Location tends to be first on many families’ consideration list.

Where to buy? What to buy? How much will it cost? Are there any additional costs to factor in? and then how do you buy?... Quite a long list of questions to answer before realising your dream. These were the exact questions Nancy and Mike asked and tried to answer recently before joining an August collection.

This American couple with two sons at university are familiar with owning a second home as they already own a property in California, but it's always been Mike's dream to own a home in Europe.

We just love Europe, the culture, people, vibe and everything. It's so rich in history and so different from home in America.

We've visited a lot and just love it! It's always been my husband’s dream to own a property in Europe and we came very close last year just before covid.

We were researching and looking at Florence, it's well connected and a great location. We even visited many properties but the more we looked into it, the more we realised it was going to be a lot of work which would be difficult for us to manage as we run our own business, explains Nancy.

With Mike's dream still firming in sight, he continued to keep an eye out for options so when he discovered August, he thought it was almost "too good to be true" as he states.

We are very excited about this because it really is a dream come true!

"I like to see what is out there so when I saw August and the offering, it sounded perfect. Holiday homes in Europe where there is little management, but with all the benefits of owning homes.

It seemed too good to be true so we attended a couple of webinars, and spoke with the team. They answered all our questions and we understood it right away. We love that August brings together 21 co-owners who have similar values in travel and culture from all around the world and who all have different needs.

We are sharing the cost of the homes but still own the homes and use it when we need to so it is perfect. This makes owning homes in Europe very easy and possible. It still allows us to continue with our life in America so we can visit whenever we want."

What made the most sense for Nancy and Mike was their lifestyle needs now and also their future plans. "We like that August can deal with all the management and decisions of where to buy etc because we know it's a long process and difficult to manage if you don't speak the language, know much about the area or the renovation process.

We plan on having an early retirement in the next few years so right now we want to focus on our work but having not just one home but five homes will allow us to continue our family European trips at least once a year with our sons. In a few years when we have more time, we can explore more of Europe and enjoy life more.

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