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Marina and Jes

August homes are perfect for spending quality time with family and exploring a variety of cultures for Marina and Jes

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We fell in love with the offering; owning five homes in five different locations is exciting because we get to learn and discover all the different places, each location has its own experience offering that we can enjoy.

No matter where you are in the world, at August, we believe you should not be limited to owning one holiday home and it should be hassle free. Our core focus is that we provide you with a special place to come together with your family and friends throughout the year, enabling you to enjoy your holiday without any worries. 

Meet Marina and Jes, they’re a Danish, Serbian and Croatian couple based in Singapore and they recently joined the Signature Collection. They have two young daughters aged 12 and 14 and they’re a family who love their sunny travels and experiencing a variety of cultures. 

Marina and Jes have always dreamt of owning a holiday home in Europe but being based on the other side of the world, having a convenient and hassle-free home ownership was a big priority for them.

“We were looking to buy a holiday home in Europe, but because we live in Asia, the home would be mostly empty, so we started thinking about if we were to buy a holiday home who would manage the home for us while we’re away. It was also important for us to ensure the company we were going with, was able to look after the home for us and that we could trust them with our homes".

From home renovations to daily maintenance, August takes care of the furnishings, repairs, and ensuring your home is holiday ready so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the experience. “We spoke with the team at August about what we were looking for, and it was fantastic that they offered that our homes would be maintained and managed on our behalf, from renovations to interior design.” 

“We feel we can trust and work with August, and that is important to us”.

Second home ownership made simple, and why August makes sense...

With August you can own five beautifully designed unique holiday homes in the most sought-after locations in Europe. We take care of mind-numbing administration, buying property pressures, renovation difficulties, interior design decisions and ensure your homes are always holiday-ready, waiting for you. “We wanted to buy a holiday home in Europe, and owning a home through August just made sense for us.

“We fell in love with the offering; owning five homes in five different locations is exciting because we get to learn and discover all the different places, each location has its own experience offering that we can enjoy”.

Your home away from home!

At August we use our expertise to renovate, design and furnish each home to August’s high standards which was important for Marina and Jes because the look and functionality of the home was something they desired for their homes. “I'm an architect, so when I saw the properties, they immediately piqued my interest. However, it is not only about how a home looks, but also about how functional it is and how easy it is to retreat, making it a home that we can truly use. We like how charming the homes are, and how each home will have its own regional aesthetic".

We've visited all of the locations in the collection in the past, and we're most looking forward to Tuscany, which is definitely our favourite, but we're looking forward to all of them. We can use the homes on our own or with friends. So size was fairly important in our search, the Signature Collection homes, are rightly sized and meet the requirements we were looking for". 

“We want to spend our holidays in nice places and stay in homes that are decorated to our liking; we want to get the most out of our homes and not just see them as an investment, but as something we can use and enjoy, and we believe we have found it in August.”

Having autonomy when and where you can travel…

With so many locations to look forward to the family can explore various areas from their home base through out the year. “We lived in London for four years and in Leeds for one year. We actually fled from the weather. That was the main reason we both decided to move to Asia, we like to travel during the warmer seasons, so anywhere that has warm weather, let's go!

“The way we holiday is influenced and connected to the school holidays; that's when we mostly go on holiday, and we almost always go with the kids. However, because of where we are in Singapore, our school holidays are not necessarily aligned with everyone else's, so I don't think it will affect us in terms of travelling during peak school holiday periods”.

Unforgettable moments in multiple homes…

With August, you are not limited to one location or holiday homes, you own and have access to five uniquely designed homes in sought after destinations at your finger tips and for Marina and Jes, they love that the locations have plenty to do during the warmer seasons. “Sunshine is undoubtedly number one; nearly all of the homes' locations will have plenty of sunny weather; even though Chamonix is considered cold, you can have fun in the summer too. We want to make the most of each home".

August homes are situated in locations that are rich in activities and vibrant cultural experiences and this is something that the couple most look forward to. “For us I would say that the best holidays are those that provide an experience, and somewhere that we can enjoy, food and culture are very important, for the holiday experience, like in Tuscany, you can get into the food and the Hills, you walk around and you do some tracking. It is also of course important for us to explore some historical sites, cultural things and things like good food”. 

Marina and Jes look forward to sharing their homes with their friends and family. “We are very well traveled, and we look forward to continue to share those experiences with our daughters, and we are looking forward to the fact that when we are in Europe, our friends and family will be able to easily visit us and we will be able to share our homes with them. 

Join Marina, Jes and other August families to discover how you can co-own an August Collection today. If you’re interested in one of our collections and want to gain more information and early access to new collections, get in touch info@augustcollection.co.uk, or attend our next webinar.

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