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Maria and Tony

Maria and Tony have been August fans from the beginning. Now as homeowners, they can't wait for more European holidays!

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We have been fans of August and been following since the beginning. We love to visit Spain and have been looking for a European base for awhile. It’s the perfect excuse for us to keep going back to visit friends and have the much needed break.

August is made up of like-minded families from all around the world. We recently welcomed Maria and Tony to the City Collection. They are based in Florida, USA and can't wait to book more holidays to Europe. August is the excuses we've been looking for to go back to Europe for those much-needed breaks and for those holidays in their home away from home, perfect to share with their blended family.

Welcome Maria and Tony to August! Please tell us a little about your family?

We live in the States but are from Cuba and Puerto Rico and have a big blended family with a lot of grandchildren who keep us busy whenever we are in Florida. We have recently retired but find retiring properly difficult so we still keep an eye here and there in several businesses. We like to keep busy but we also like to holiday and take time off. We already own a second home in Miami Beach and often we go back and forth from there; it’s not far for us so it’s convenient to go there for the weekend or a week with our kids and grandchildren.

Why did you join August?

We have been following August since the beginning and have found it to be such an interesting concept. We enjoy seeing all the progress and once we saw the City Collection, we agreed the locations and homes were perfect. Maria especially was very pleased to see the homes beautifully renovated and designed; along with the convenience of the five locations which is something that really sold us! We have been wanting something a bit more central, and with the five locations conveniently located near airports, amenities and beaches it’s great for us as we’ve found ourselves wanting to have holiday homes that are based in cities where we can walk and enjoy good food!

“We have been following August since the beginning and excited to change from being fans to co-owners!“

One of the reasons why we joined August was the flexibility and the multiple weeks that we can use throughout the year, we prefer to holiday for a longer period of time as flying long haul is something we don’t enjoy as much. Being USA based, it’s worth it for us to stay a two - four week period to make the most of our time in Europe and visit friends!

The type of holiday homes we usually stay in is an Airbnb or rental properties but sometimes they don’t meet your expectations; especially the comfort and interior design. We currently have a Timeshare in Europe but due to the pandemic and shortage of travelling, we haven’t been able to visit just yet, but I’m sure we’ll hop from one August home to another, making use of the time we have!

Knowing we have our homes waiting for us, all prepared and cleaned we can relax before our long haul flight and that we can easily settle once we get there. The August homes and comfort is something I can’t wait to physically see and feel the home interior exceeding our expectations, as the importance of feeling relaxed and settled in is all a part of the holiday experience for us.

"The fact the City Collection homes have a combination of apartments and smaller sized villas mean we can have different types of holidays such as being outside on a terrace with a pool, or on the doorstep of the exciting cities."

Are there any locations you are most looking forward to visiting?

We love all the August home locations, it fits within our current holidays, the places we’ve been to and those on our list; so it’s very perfect for us to own five homes. The destination we adore the most is Barcelona, as we have friends who live in Spain and the culture/city is just something else. Maria went to school in Spain, and has fond memories of studying there, also she has many friends who live there so the potential of seeing them frequently is so nice, now we have the flexibility and can make up for the lost time. As we’ve joined August, our travel patterns won’t change so much, if anything we’ll be travelling more; we often go to Spain, Italy and France, with friends who let us visit them in Paris and Chamonix.

How will you be using your August holiday homes?

On holiday we enjoy walking around and discovering the local area, culture and meeting new people! The best part of the holidays for us is eating good food and sampling the local delights. Nothing quite better than wandering to the local town square and watching the evening go by! Before we set off on our holidays we like to do a lot of research, to find out the places we can visit and the things we can do. However, we do like to go with the flow and find out things to do as they come when we’re there on holiday. Having the more central homes means we can invite our children too but only one family at a time so it doesn't get too crowded which is great to share with them.

“We are much more flexible in terms of our time compared to our children, but we may become pretty popular once they see how much we are travelling to our August homes…”

We have promised ourselves that we’ll go to Europe twice a year as the minimum as Tony is supposed to try and retire… but at home, we have a large family so during the holidays we need to be around for the children and grandchildren. Our August homes will be there for our family, a mini homes away from homes around Europe. This will be great for them to go over the pond and discover Europe, or meet us there! We are much more flexible in terms of our time compared to our children, but we may become pretty popular once they see how much we are travelling to our August homes.

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