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August families

Lucy and Jonathan

An excuse for more family holidays! Lucy and Jonathan join the Signature Collection

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Ever since Emily and Jack were young, we’ve gone back and forth with the idea of buying a house abroad. We see August as a platform to help us be more organised with our family holidays. So far what August has promised, they've delivered!

Since their children Emily and Jack, have moved to higher education, this British - Irish August family has found more flexibility in their lifestyle. Since joining the Signature Collection, they're able to take advantage of the many family holidays they can go on throughout the year and experience a range of seasons the homes offer. This allows them more structure to their holidays combined with spontaneity and by owning August homes, there will now be an excuse to go on more quality family holidays together.

Let's meet this August family below:

This British - Irish family, Lucy and Jonathan look forward to more organised holidays

"Ever since Emily and Jack were young we’ve gone back and forth with the idea of buying a house abroad and we're a family that rarely books holidays more than 3 weeks in advance and together we don't go to the same place all the time.

Prior to joining August, we looked for properties in the South of France, but nothing piqued our interest, and we weren't ready to deal with the hassles of trying to buy one house and agree on another not to mention having to manage the home from the UK.

We found ourselves wanting to be a part of something now that Emily and Jack are in higher education so that we can spend more quality time together.

When we came across co-ownership in general, we didn't know much about the concept, so we looked around at other offerings but they didn't appeal to us as much. The locations we came across were limited, and the look and feel of the homes were something we wouldn't be comfortable with, it wasn't very us.

The more we looked into the idea of co-owning homes with August the more it resonated with us wanting to own homes abroad without having to deal with actually owning the homes. We see this as a platform where we could implement structure and be more organised with our family holidays by having a choice of multiple homes in locations that we're really familiar with!

Were immediately drawn to the Signature Collection; we wanted large homes that could accommodate our family and potential friends who might visit and the locations were great.

The concept of owning properties in Valbonne, Tuscany, Chamonix, Mallorca, and the Cotswolds was something that sounded exciting and to be able to be a part of something that is essentially at the beginning really interested us. Initially, the Valbonne home piqued our interest because it is exactly the type of home we were looking for, and we adore the design and interior. The Signature Collection locations were the main reason we went ahead; now that we have a lot of flexibility in the year, we can use the different locations and seasons that come with them to provide us with a variety of activities.

Sóller, Mallorca, Balearic Islands of Spain

Mallorca is the home we're looking forward to staying in because we have family in Sóller and know the area really well so it'll be great to entertain them in our home for a change! When Emily and Jack were younger, we used to go skiing in Whistler, Canada, every Christmas, so going to the Chamonix home in winter will be nostalgic for us, and having those annual trips as a family will be something we definitely want to experience again.

Having these homes will give us an excuse to go on more quality family holidays together. Each of the homes offers a range of seasons to visit at any time of year, so if we don't go to Chamonix in the winter, we'll go in the summer because there's just as much to do.

The types of holidays we used to take as a family were long-distance trips once or twice a year, or a few weeks here and there in Europe. We're looking forward to holidaying throughout the year, with the idea that we can just go ahead and arrive at our home and leave it in the same condition we found it.

We like how well-put-together the entire collection of homes looks, as well as the interior design and level of finish that comes with the homes."

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