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Kimberly and Scott

Introducing North American based, Kimberly, Scott and their five kids

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When it comes to vacations, having to sort out accommodation isn't the most exciting part, but with homes now taken care of, it means we can have fun with everything else about the trips.

Always wanted to own second homes in Europe? You're not alone. Many families share this desire but knowing where to begin tends to stop a lot of families in their tracks. Often, the ability to communicate by speaking the same language or having visited the destinations whilst on holidays are not enough to assure you of purchasing. Without the local knowledge, how do you really know the foreign destination is the right investment for your family?

This is the challenge our world travelled family, Kimberly and Scott experienced. Being fluent in French, having visited France many times and with a heritage infinity with Normandy. Kimberly always dreamt of owning a second home in France however knowing where to begin and having the confidence to make such a financial commitment was the barrier her and her husband could not overcome until they discovered August.

Introducing North American based, Kimberly, Scott and their 5 kids

My husband Scott and I are originally from Chicago. We recently moved to Reno, Nevada with our two teenage boys who are still in high school and our family pup, Wrigley from San Fransisco Bay Area. Our other three kids - young adults have left the nest for college. Our family shares the love of travel, adventure and experiencing new cultures so we are looking forward to being able to experience more with the August homes. There's comfort in knowing about where we vacation and the places we visit so we like to plan ahead.

When it comes to vacations, having to sort out accommodation isn't the most exciting part, but with homes now taken care of, it means we can have fun with everything else about the trips.

I love France and European culture. My grandfather was a part of D Day so I feel a deep connection with France. We've visited many times and it's always been a dream to own a second home in France but knowing where to begin was the challenge. We looked into it a bit but never really moved forward because we didn't have the confidence.

It made sense to just always go on vacation but now with our August homes, we can really settle in to use the homes as our European base for when we travel to other countries. There are so many options and knowing Wrigley can also come with us is pretty exciting too. I've started looking into how he can fly with us. We were immediately intrigued after discovering August. The fully serviced, hassle-free option to owning homes in France and other European countries sounded ideal, especially as we're based in America.

Scott and I travel a lot for his work. We mix it up with our accommodation but prefer Airbnbs to hotels where we can get to know the areas and check out what the locals do, the markets, food stores, local culture. When we travel with the kids, it's convenient to have our own space and areas where we can cook and share meals. Plus it can get quite expensive with hotels. Even then, a week-long stay in an Airbnb big enough for our family and a few friends is quite pricey. It can start to add up pretty quickly.

This was one of the main areas of August that drew us in, with the homes accommodating 8, it's big enough for our family of 7, everyone gets a bed and there's enough space. The annual management fee works out to be less than 1 family vacation booking which means we'll be saving a lot when we go on multiple trips, not to mention our own privacy and space.

It's thoughtful, considered and it's not wasteful because we're sharing the cost of the home.

With multiple locations, the booking options are endless. It's great there's also the flexibility of spontaneous bookings not taking away from our annual points allocation. So the idea of little spontaneous getaways is very appealing especially as all the home locations are so close to international airports. We'll be inviting friends and families who are just as excited about the homes. Having access to these homes will allow us the flexibility and freedom to safely go on more adventures which we're very much looking forward to.

More families are discovering August as a better way to own second homes in Europe. Find out more by booking a call to speak to us or send us an email at info@augustcollection.co.uk.

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