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Helen and Mark

Helen and Mark are familiar with the idea of co-ownerships and are looking forward to not having to worry about maintaining a second home!

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We're familiar with the concept of co-ownership and we didn't want to deal with the downsides of owning a second home and all of the maintenance that comes with it as you may not go there all the time. Now that we have joined a co-ownership with August we're thrilled we can enjoy our homes hassle free!

Buying a second home abroad can be risky and time consuming. From purchasing the home, completing renovations and maintaining the home, it can create a lot of stress and worry. At August we believe you should not be limited to owning one holiday home and it should be hassle free! Our core focus is that we provide you with a special place to come together with your family and friends throughout the year, enabling you to enjoy your holiday without any worries. 

From home renovations to daily maintenance, we take care of furnishings, repairs, and ensuring your home is holiday ready so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the experience.

For Mark and Helen, owning a second home had been long been a dream of theirs. Always talking about it but the idea never went anywhere. “As we approach semi-retirement over the next 10 years, Helen and I started to think about if we had more time, what would we do with it? This led us to think about a second home, often  searching and keeping an eye out, every Sunday afternoon; a little hobby of mine! We particularly searched in the region of Provence,” said Mark. 

The second homeownership market has evolved significantly, and originally Mark and Helen had an idea of owning a home with friends in Portugal, however “we didn’t want to be in that specific location, and the hassles that would come with it outweighed the advantages of owning a home”.

The concept of co-ownership was something they were instantly familiar with. “Together we started talking about the possibility of owning a second home through a professional co-ownership, the idea was very interesting and especially the provision of maintenance seemed like a significant benefit to us; we know first-hand the major drawbacks of owning a property is having just one property, and all of the maintenance that comes with it as you may not go there all the time”.

Home ownership with ease! 

The theme of home, ownership and ease have been core to Mark and Helen’s property search. “We’ve trusted August a lot and the current homes look absolutely beautiful; so relying on what the current homes look like creates a standard for what we hope to see in the future with our Signature Collection homes, a leap of faith that we were prepared to take! I’ve always had a soft spot for anyone who comes to the door with a business idea that could disrupt the current industry so it’s great that I can see the process and transformation of August and the homes themselves”. 

“We were so taken with the August interior and the attention to detail in some of the homes, and we could see the expectations and standard of comfort in the current homes, so we didn’t look any further in terms of other co-ownerships of a similar kind"

"We also love how well curated the colour palettes of the homes are, they create a welcoming environment that we want our homes to have.”

In addition to having a good home, we want you to get the most out of your holidays, so it is also important that our homes provide an ease of access to local amenities. 

“The locations fit really well with our family holiday needs as we know the Provence area really well due to holiday home searching there, Chamonix as a ski location will be great for the skiers in the family, as well as being a perfect summer walking location! The overall August locations seemed to tick the boxes for us,” Our homes are perfectly situated to allow our home owners to immerse themselves in the nearby communities and immerse themselves in the culture of the places they’re living in: “We plan on visiting the homes more often which will allow us to get familiar with the local community, and become a natural at knowing what events are happening, specific walks, things to do and even upcoming festivals”.

Join Mark, Helen, and other August families to discover how you can co-own an August Collection today. If you’re interested in one of our collections and want to gain more information and early access to new collections, get in touch info@augustcollection.co.uk, or attend our next webinar.

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