La Bastourelle, a classic Signature South of France home, loving restored and curated by August


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May 14, 2024

We take you on a tour behind the scenes of La Bastourelle, an exquisite example of a Signature August home in the South of France. Discover how we transformed this home and see through the potential it once had and what is has been transformed into.

When identifying an August home, the expert team are looking for potential where others may only see dated furnishings and a layout that does not do the home justice. This is a skill honed over years of experience and is why August is perfectly positioned to deliver your dream home. La Bastourelle is exactly that, once an uncut gem full of potential that is now a stylish and serene Riviera retreat, beckoning you to call home.

Location, Location, Location

Tourrettes-Sur-Loup is one of our favourite locations in the region. Nestled in the idyllic hills of the French Riviera, it captivates our hearts with its timeless charm and sun-kissed beauty. This enchanting medieval village weaves a tapestry of history and natural splendour, making it our cherished haven for unforgettable French adventures. The home, "La Bastourelle," whose name literally translates to "little shepherd," while as the name suggests, radiates the rustic charm of the Southern French countryside, certainly doesn't follow the herd.

A Timeless Gem from the 1980s

‍Designed by renowned architect Maurice Madrange in the 1980s and left preserved and cherished by its previous owner for many years, we were presented with a magnificent uncut gem of a home to elevate and, most importantly, enhance its unique character. From charming 80s-style mouldings to whimsical arched walls, La Bastourelle embodies the classic August aesthetic, embracing the Riviera lifestyle.

Discover the transformation:

Exterior Elegance and Functionality

Even in the glorious Riviera sun, this home looked a little dark and tired from the outside. The brown shutters were not accentuating the light that floods in from the south facing frontage of the home.

The garden was not maintained and while once en vogue, the dolphins in the pool dated the home.


A complete exterior transformation from the Mediterranean blue hues reflected in the shutters, a re-tiled pool and the addition of many planters and landscaping in the garden gave this home a completely new lease of life.

As well as the aesthetic details, functional aspects were added to the exterior to create true indoor/outdoor living. It now features a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, a poolside shower, automatic awnings, and even a petanque court.


Transforming Open-Plan Elegance

Inside is where we truly added the August touch and vision to create the perfect holiday home for entertaining year-round. The transformation of the home was centred around making the bespoke wooden kitchen the heart of open-plan living, emphasizing the breathtaking views that grace every corner. By removing a partition wall, we created an open, social space for living, cooking, and dining while flooding the home with natural light.



Preserving Character and Elegance

Preserving these unique elements required delicate yet significant changes to accentuate the original features and showcase the home's distinctive character. We removed central intermediate beams to allow larger beams to shine, enhancing the room's height and overall impact.



Embracing the 1980s Côte d'Azur Vibe

In a nod to the 1980s Côte d'Azur spirit, the built-in bar enclave was meticulously restored, inspiring art deco-esque design accents throughout the living space.

Maximising the accommodation

The clever reconfiguration of the garage provided a spacious downstairs bedroom and ensuite, while still accommodating a car.



Comfortable accommodation for eight

The bedrooms, although well sized had grown tired and in need of some interior flourish and brightening up to match the rest of the home.



Space planning

Prior to our reconfiguration of the home, there were three quite compromised bedrooms and no accommodation on the ground floor. As a Signature home, we ensure four bedrooms including one on the ground for convenience. This home through careful space planning became a spacious four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. As well as the bedroom space being optimised, the walls downstairs were reconfigured and the exterior was given a new lease of life, demonstrated in the space planning of the home.

Before / After: 

Original home blueprints: 

The new space: 

Sea views for days

Finally, close your eyes, and let the warm Mediterranean sun kiss your skin. Imagine the turquoise waters, the swaying palm trees, and the charming streets of the South of France. Now, hit play on our carefully curated playlist, and let the magic of the French Riviera wash over you.

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