Where does August buy homes?

August acquires, renovates and interior designs homes in 5 iconic European regions and cities. The regions are Tuscany, South of France, Mallorca, French Alps and the Cotwswolds. The cities are London, Paris, Cannes, Barcelona and Rome.

How do August find great properties?

Our expert team can gain access to homes not available on the open market having spent years developing relationships with the communities in the areas in which we buy.  With prior experience in property development and renovation, we understand perfectly which properties have the right potential as the perfect holiday homes. We understand the cost associated with renovating properties abroad and have a strong team of advisors and partners, ranging from estate agents, design and build companies and interior designers.

What are the main criteria for selecting the homes?

To become an August holiday home, a property must meet certain key criteria: located in one of the key locations we have carefully selected, proximity to an international airport, a beautiful view and surroundings, local charm, plenty of bright, communal spaces, great outdoor areas (terrace, garden, pool), new bathrooms and kitchen appliances etc.

It is often challenging to find the perfect property that meets all our requirements and at the right price. We therefore much prefer to find an older yet charming house full of potential in the perfect location that we can renovate to our standards.

Once we have assessed the property and are confident that we can transform it into a perfect charming apartment, townhouse or villa, we purchase it. The renovation works will follow. We exclusively work with the most renowned local tradespeople in each area.

Can I smoke in the properties?

To keep our homes fresh and clean for all homeowners, you are not permitted to smoke inside the properties. In many cases there will be ashtrays provided in outside spaces or on terraces so you can spoke in these permitted areas.

How often do you replace the furniture?

We will maintain the homes and replace furniture when it is needed in perpetuity. Your home will always feel as fresh and inviting as it did the first time you visited.

How are the properties insured?

We have taken out comprehensive insurance policies on all homes. Rest assured that insurances are property and area specific.

What’s the size of the properties?

- In Pied à Terre: there will always be at least 2 bedrooms.

- In Signature: there will always be at least 3 bedrooms.

- In Premium: there will always be at least 4 bedrooms.

Is there a TV in all the properties?

Yes, all properties will have a modern TV installed.

Is there Wi-Fi in all the properties?

Yes, all properties are equipped with the best internet solution available.

How are the properties located?

All properties are located an easy reach from an airport and will be close to a local village and key activities in the area. See more in the homes section.

Who is responsible if something breaks during a stay?

You are responsible for replacing any items that might be broken or damaged during a stay.

Do I have a key for each property?

Yes, each owner will be handed their own key for each property.

Do any of the properties have loans?


Can we visit the properties under consideration for a fund before we decide?

As we only find the properties once the collection is founded, it is not possible to visit them beforehand. However, we will always show you examples of similar homes that we will be sourcing for your collection.

Can we have any personal belongings in the properties?

No, as you are sharing the properties with 20 other families you unfortunately cannot have any personal belongings kept in the property.

Can the collection buy additional items such as bikes or cars?

It is always possible to suggest joint investments and or projects related to each collection. At the general assembly everyone will vote for which projects to undertake or items to invest in.

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