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What do we do if we have used all of our points? Can we buy more?

No, it is not possible to buy more than your allocated points, however you can still book more holidays by making a last-minute reservation up to 4 weeks before your arrival which do not cost any points.

How do I book my stays?

Our booking system is designed in such a way as to benefit both long-term planners and those who prefer last-minute spontaneous holidays.

It is a point based system, where weeks have been divided into four categories: from super peak to low season weeks. A week during the super peak season costs more points than a week in low season.

All home-owners get the same number of points per one share they own and are free to book whichever weeks they want every year. If you and your family decided to only book during super peak season you will have access to 7 weeks of holidays per year. If you only book during low season you and your family will have up to 12 to 19 weeks of holiday available. We expect that the average use will be 8-10 weeks per family per year with one share.

Your points cannot be transferred to the next year. Points will expire if you have outstanding points at the end of the year.

Do I have to do a final cleaning myself?

No, this is taken care of by our local property managers. Every time you arrive in the home it will be cleaned to our 5* specifications.

Why are the points released in phases?

To avoid all families impatiently waiting for the specific time that we release the points we have come up with a better solution. The points will be released in batches. By doing it this way, everyone is able to save for their favourite holiday week in a stress-free manner.

Because we release the points over a few weeks it completely removes the chaos and stress of booking your holiday weeks. It also allows flexibility for both long-term planning and spontaneous trips. If you cancel a holiday you will lose points as it prevents others from booking ‘uncertain’ weeks that you might want to reserve.

Can I always get the week I want?

We have developed a smart and simple booking system. The system is arranged so that it ensures a fair distribution, and one can for example always be sure of at least one week in a home during school summer holidays.

There is plenty of room for everyone in the calendar - a total of 12 weeks on average per year, but you cannot be sure to always get your first choice. The weeks are weighted in relation to season and housing, which gives a fine balance in the utilisation. The booking system has a smart waiting list facility, which ensures that the homes are not empty if the owners wish to use them.

How far in advance can I book?

You can book up to one year in advance.

How much does a stay for a week cost?

After each concluded stay you will receive an invoice based on actual direct cost of the mandatory end of stay cleaning. It will include linen service so you do not need to worry about bringing towels or bed linen.

The cost varies from property to property and where in Europe it is located. On average you can expect a final invoice to be in the range of €150 to €350 for a four person stay. We have a full rate card that will be shared with you, outlining the costs to expect for each property in your collection.


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