August co-ownership model

What is an August homeownership?

We think it doesn’t make sense to own 100% of an asset but use only 10%. We also believe that you shouldn’t be limited to a single location when you can choose multiple, for a fraction of the cost of one home. As a co-owner of an August collection, you own a share or share(s) of the properties purchased by the collection.

The collection is structured as a Real Estate company, so this is an equity purchase. All shares of a collection are equal and all home-owners enjoy the same rights. August does not own any equity, therefore the home-owners own 100% of the homes. Collections tend to have up to 16 or 21 families, depending on the number of homes. This equates to on average 8-12 weeks per year across your homes, but can be more depending on when you travel.

How is it different from a timeshare?

August is fundamentally different to a timeshare. With August, you become a co-owner of multiple homes through a corporate entity. In a timeshare, you typically purchase the right to use one dwelling for a specific period. You can only exchange your weeks if the person renting the weeks you are interested in is willing to exchange their weeks with you. It is extremely hard to sell a timeshare as you need to find someone interested in both the same location and the exact same weeks that you have.

With August, you own not one but five properties, and it is not tied to any particular weeks. Most importantly, in a typical timeshare, once all the shares have been sold the property developer has no incentive to find new potential buyers and you are left alone to find a potential buyer for your share. On the contrary, August will assist in finding a buyer for your share when you choose. Typically we have seen re-sales occur in a matter of days as demand for completed collections is high. All those who have sold a share to date have done so to move to another collection that they choose as opposed to exit.

How do we become an owner of a collection?

We take care of all the heavy lifting so you do not have to visit local notaries in various countries to become an homeowner. Once you have had an initial call with a dedicated advisor we will ensure there is a perfect Collection fit for your needs and that you are joining the perfect Collection.

We ensure all families or individuals joining a Collection are a good fit and all are carefully curated. As we only launch a few Collections per year there may be a wait list or you will have an opportunity to join a later Collection.You become an owner by signing all the documents associated with joining a collection. You do not have to visit local notaries in various countries, as August will take care of everything for you.

How much does a share cost?

Our Collections range from €340,000 - €1,450,000 depending on which you choose. You can buy multiple shares in the same Collection, or shares in multiple Collections.

How much contact do we need to have with other homeowners?

It is entirely up to each co-owner to decide. You can be involved as much or as little as you want to. You will be invited to annual meetings (virtually) as well as have the option to participate in the community boards (Valeria and Facebook) if you choose not to participate in this and keep to yourself this is also fine. Many of our homeowners choose to meet one another when they are in the same locations and it becomes a real community.

How do I get to know the other homeowners?

It is entirely up to each homeowner to decide. You can be involved as much or as little as you want to. As an August home-owner, you have access to ‘Valeria’ our home-owner portal, where you will be able to make your bookings, have access to your home's information, important documents and most importantly the community portal.

Our community portal is where each owner shares recommendations, tips and feedback on their experience in the August homes. Some owners sharing common interests end up being friends and spending time travelling together.

How is August different to other co-ownerships?

Many co-ownership platforms focus on newer, modern, single home propositions. With August our focus is on integrating our homeowners into the Community and restoring authentic properties to their former glory. With August you become part of multiple communities and multiple homes.

Unlike most co-ownerships, with August you are the homeowner of four or five properties as opposed to just one. This gives you greater flexibility, greater value and more time to spend in your homes. With a ⅛ proposition for example you will only get 6-7 weeks per year, with August this can be anywhere from 8-20 weeks, depending on when you want to travel.

How long should we wait from the collection’s establishment before we can use the properties?

The collections are divided into groups of homeowners. The first group (8 or 9 families) has access to the two first properties as soon as they are ready. The second group can enjoy their three initial holiday homes as soon as the third one is delivered, until the shares are fully sold, and we have delivered the five homes.

Once a group of homeowners is completed, you can expect between 3-6 months after the homes have been acquired to start using them. This depends on the type of renovation involved.

How are the individual collections different?

There's an August collection for every family. We understand there's different needs for different people however the quality of the properties does not differ. The main difference is the scale of the properties, how many bedrooms, reception rooms and ‘special features’ they have, as well as the destinations they are located. All are finished and interior designed ‘The August Way’. You can discover the open collections here.

If we do not like the sharing aspect, is August for me?

If you recognise the feeling of having been interested in a holiday home, but unable to decide on any single country or place to commit to, then August is your ideal choice. With August, you have the truly exclusive opportunity of owning several holiday homes in multiple countries simultaneously. You are able to enjoy several countries and destinations before perhaps deciding to sell your August collection ownership in order to buy your own home, having made a uniquely educated decision. Perhaps you find the opportunity to visit numerous different places far more satisfying than being bound to the same place each time you travel.

Another major advantage, if you choose to take ownership in one of our August collections, and decide later to sell - we know you'll have a worthwhile and pleasurable experience, and one that will make any future choice of holiday home even easier.


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