South of France

Verriere de Biot

What to do

Biot is an artistic trade village was best known for its pottery since the early 1300s, espseically the “Biot Jars” which became popular in the 16th century.

The clay and cinerite in the soil of the area provided the ingredients for a booming industry which played home to over 40 different potters in the village making jars that were exported all over the world. All unique with its own stamp and seal which was affixed to the jars. These waterproof jars were ideal for everything from olives and olive oil to wheat and flour to dried fruits and vegetables. Visit Le Musée d’Histoire et de Céramique Biotoises (The Biotoise Museum of History and Ceramics) which is located in an old chapel on the edge of the original village the museum to discover some of these “jars”. Since 1956 glass maker Eloi Monod who created “La Verrerie de Biot” has since put Biot back on the map as the village is now most known for its glass production with as many as eight different glass studios in Biot - many of them can be visited free of charge. La Verrerie offer an international glass gallery with major artists’ work on show and offers workshops where you can see glass-blowers working live. Discover other places like ‘Gallerie des Arcades’ that serves fresh Provençale food whilst admire paintings from Fernand Leger and Picasso.

5 Chem. des Combes, 06410 Biot