South of France

Vallee de Tanneron

What to do

Mimosa season is the perfect time to explore the stunning Tanneron Massif.

This region is home to wild mimosa and mimosa plantations, making it the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of these flowers. With so many different walks and bike itineraries available, you’re sure to find the perfect way to experience this unique part of France. Although it can be enjoyed at any time of year, January and February are especially magical in the fragrant, colorful setting of the flowering trees. This is the perfect time to get some sun and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. The Grand-Duc Communal Forest is a beautiful place to see the Côte d’Azur. Located on the lowest hills of the Tanneron Massif, this forest provides lovely views and is managed by ONF (National Forest Service). Discover the Tanneron’s woodland, flora and coastline through it’s well-kept trails and footpath across 90 hectares (222 acres). Pack a lunch and enjoy the picnic tables that are set up at the departure points for hiking loops. Discover flowering mimosa trees during the winter seasons. Cycling departure point: start of Boulevard Paul Tarascon. End point: road sign at the border of the Var département (This segment is 7.5km (25 ft.) long, for a 450m (1,475 ft.) difference in altitude.

83440 Tanneron