Portobello Road Market

What to do

Discover the heartbeat of Notting Hill on Saturdays, as local artisans take center stage, showcasing their craftsmanship and passion in every piece they offer.

Nestled in the heart of Notting Hill is the lively Portobello Road Market. Each Saturday, this dynamic stretch of road undergoes a vibrant tranformation, becoming a bustling haven filled with hidden gems and the spirited London banter. As you explore, you'll quickly see that it's not just about discovering unique vintage trinkets and antiques; there's an authentic neighborhood vibe that is apparent.Keep a keen eye out for the seasoned locals who have honed the fine art of haggling – make sure to don your haggling hat to hold your own against these masters! Negotiation is often the name of the game at most stalls, ensuring you get your money's worth! Beyond the realm of clothes and antiques, the street food choices are great, so fuel up on your way to the Portobello Green Market at the road's end, especially if you're a vintage clothing enthusiast.From the kaleidoscope of colourful houses to the genuine London charm, we wholeheartedly believe this market is a must-visit. Arrive early (and we sugest grabbing a pastry and coffee from Kuro bakery to kick start your saturday), as the street becomes really busy after noon. However, fear not – with a bit of planning, secure a table at one of the many great restaurants around, such as Wild, the Pelican or Cepage, to refuel after a bustling day of shopping and haggling!

Portobello Rd, London W10 5XL, United Kingdom