Columbia Road Flower market

What to do

Experience London blossoming at Columbia Road every Sunday, the vibrant independent hub where the city comes alive.

Tucked away on a street in East London, a captivating transformation unfolds every Sunday. The street comes alive with a riot of colors as flower sellers set up shop and line the streets. Whether you're on a hunt for that perfect bouquet, immersing yourself in the East London atmosphere, or exploring one of the many independent shops lining the area, there's something here for everyone!The pub on the corner (the Birdcage) is a well-known watering hole, boasting a traditional "pubby" charm. However, among our favorites is a tasty slice from Lilli Vanilli's cake shop and a visit to Funk cheese shop (don't miss the cheese doughnuts if they're available – you'll have to trust us on this one!) and Hackney Essentials for those perfect dinner party bits. It can get quite busy, especially during the summer, so we recommend arriving early (grab a croissant and coffee from Jolene on the way) to avoid the crowds and have your pick of the stalls.

Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG, United Kingdom