Brut restaurant

Where to eat

The restaurant boasts a superb tasting menu, providing a cozy and authentic atmosphere, alongside top-notch, high-quality cuisine.

Brut restaurant exudes an undeniable trendiness that perfectly complements its exceptional food. The chefs take immense pride in their creative flair, evident in the meticulously crafted tasting menu. The knowledgeable staff passionately guide you through each course, which only adds to the atmosphere. For those seeking an up-close encounter, sitting at the kitchen bar provides a front-row seat to observe the friendly and talented chefs in action. With its stellar reputation, Brut is a beloved choice at August, offering a consistently outstanding experience. As a bonus, the beer here is exceptional.

Carrer la Carretera, 37, 07430 Llubí, Illes Balears, Spain