Bibury to Coln St. Andrews. Circular Walk.

What to do

There are no shortages of excellent village walks in the Cotswolds, though this 10km trail packs in plenty: stops in the villages of Bibury, Coln St. Aldwyns and Arlington, plus a few hilly elevations to clamber over while you walk.

Begin in idyllic Colnat the crossroads, passing by Yew TreeLodge and walking through a farmand bright green fields until youreach Arlington.From there, it’s an easy path toBibury, where you can spend sometime enjoying a few refreshments,admiring the archetypal Cotswoldshouses or popping from a bathroombreak. There’s then a short journey toa Coln Valley pathway leading back tothe crossroads where you beganDistance: 10.5 kmElevation gain: 270mDuration: 2:50 hoursDifficulty: EasyBest time to hike: All year round