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Tara and Pradeep

It made sense that if we went ahead with a collection, it would have to fit the way we travel. The City Collection of homes are perfect, conveniently located closer to the cafes, shops and culture we love to discover! The smaller size fits the two of us or a small group but it's fantastic to have larger collections to consider in the future.

An August collection perfect for a travel-loving couple - Tara and Pradeep

Travel-loving, al fresco aficionados, Tara and Pradeep are no strangers to airports. Having relocated from America to the UK five years ago for Pradeep's job, this couple often travels for business and pleasure - Pradeep works in the technology industry and Tara in tourism consulting. They fell in love with the European lifestyle and decided they wanted to put down some roots, but going back to the same place was not ideal. Nor was the idea of owning a second home in a foreign country with so many unknowns, until they discovered August and a collection that suited the way they like to travel. Read more about Tara and Pradeep's journey below.

Introducing Tara and Pradeep - Travel loving, UK based, Americans

Pradeep's career in technology brought us over to London from Chicago five years ago and we love the vibrant and diverse culture here. From fantastic restaurants to the jam-packed cultural calendar, to beautiful parks and gardens we can enjoy all year round, the London lifestyle is perfect. But most of all, we appreciate the proximity to new places in Europe and beyond.

As it's just our cats and us, we can be pretty flexible when it comes to travelling. We also have regular visitors from the States and loved the idea of being able to host friends and family from a second home outside of London, but we could never decide on one location. Why bother with the hassle when we can just go on holiday to different places?

We first came across August when we were also browsing through real estate listings. Tara could only find pretty run-down homes but August caught our attention so we looked into it, joined the webinars, and initially were interested in the Signature Collection with the larger villas. But since we mostly travel as a couple or a small group of friends, we really don’t need big spaces.

The European destinations in the City Collection fit us perfectly! We enjoy a blend of activities when we travel, touring popular museums and historical sights, and also seeking out off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods. When we want to relax, Tara’s picnic kit makes it easy to grab wine and cheese from a local market and escape the crowds to a park or garden for a few hours. It's about the journey, really; we can just stop off for drinks, chat with the locals and get to know the place.

We like to be on foot and take public transport rather than drive. It's a great way to meet people and discover new places. Plus, Tara loves to picnic and Europe lends itself well to outdoor living.

August’s approach to authentic design really appealed to us. We like to stay in places with character rather than the chain hotels and in areas that are less touristy but still conveniently located. Having 2-3 bedrooms is ideal. It allows us to spend quality time together as a couple or with visiting family and friends. 4 out of the 5 homes are apartments with charm, but we love that there's also a villa too for larger gatherings. Many of our friends and family have already spent time in London, so it's great to help them experience Europe differently.

The more we looked into it, the easier it was to move ahead with August because every step of the process is so transparent. The booking system is brilliant, with point-based allocations and batch releases.

The system gives everyone a fair opportunity to book and we've already started potting out what weeks might work! It's very exciting. We typically don't travel during school holidays or in peak season and we appreciate that the co-owners are made up of a diverse pool of different family types so that demand is evenly distributed.

We're thrilled to see that this collection is filling up and things are progressing well, so when it's ready, we can use the homes both to explore the local areas but also as a base to travel to reach other cities nearby. We can't wait to be at an airport again and start to live like a local in these beautiful destinations with August.

When we travel, it's about experiencing the culture of a destination from a central home base.

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