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Linda and Dan

Linda and Dan are a family of explorers. Now as co-owners, they can't wait for more European holidays!

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We can’t wait to meet the locals and get to know the area really well and settle in just like locals; even though we aren't there 100% of the time having homes that are ours will allow us to feel at home every time we go back.

Whether you’re looking to grow your roots in a second home or to have a base to explore new places, you can enjoy the opportunity to own homes across multiple European destinations with August and that means not having to go back to the same location. This is the very reason many like minded families join August. We recently welcomed London-based, American family, Linda, Dan and their two young adult children to the Signature Collection. A family of avid explorers and they can’t wait to expand their European travels as a family and use their August homes as the perfect base.

Owning a home with August also provides a hassle-free aspect that many people worry about when considering owning a second home abroad.

Read more about how they discovered August and how it fits their ex-pat lifestyle.

Welcome Linda and Dan, can you tell us about your family 

We’re a family of four, with two young adult children in their early 20s. We’re originally from The States and relocated to London about 7 years ago. We’re European Citizens so that gives us a lot of flexibility. We love to travel, and Europe is just so different from what we know, it’s rich in culture and the different countries are so close it allows us to explore new places as a family. It’s great. 

We were researching the possibility of purchasing a second home property in Europe, as we’re looking for a place that offers some more sun than London does, and of course, a place to getaway to. We’ve also been learning Spanish as a family and we can get by with French, so we're looking forward to using out language skills too! 

We had been searching for a place in Spain and while going through the process of searching for a home there, we came across August.

"The more we learned about August, the more it seemed very attractive to us as we won’t have to keep going back to the same place and will have a variety of locations to use as a base when we go on our other trips."

Why did August make sense for your family?

We understand and know what goes into renovating a home. We have previously renovated our London home and it highlighted the demanding process that goes into it. The idea of doing it again in another country as we don’t know the planning rules, the laws and the languages is quite daunting…

"We didn't want to do renovate homes again so it's great that August can do it for us."

"The whole family are big travellers, so having five homes is an incredible proposition for us, versus having just one location that you potentially might get bored of."

What do you look forward to when you travel? 

The five August homes will provide us with more places to visit and places to learn about! The Signature Collection gives us the financial flexibility to travel from one place to another and the properties give us a huge amount of flexibility as we can visit the homes throughout the year, and we're not constrained by work or children's holidays anymore! The idea of visiting the homes in January or March in the off-seasons is just as exciting for us as going in the height of the peak season. 

“We can’t wait to meet the locals and get to know the area really well and settle in just like locals; even though we aren't there 100% of the time having homes that are ours will allow us to l feel at home every time we go back.”

We really enjoy eating out and exploring the small villages and towns nearby; as a family we enjoy learning about the locations and visiting the museums; as our son is studying a masters in this field. 

In our homes, we are looking forward to cooking with a beautiful view. There will be many family dinners cooked while listening to our music with the terrace doors open and enjoying the meals on the terraces. We also want to use the homes as an opportunity to meet the local people, discover the areas and settle in like locals. We want to immerse ourselves into the culture with each place so we can feel at home every time that we go back! 

Even though we have these five homes, travelling will remain a part of our lifestyle and we plan on travelling further afield of Europe and discover what the rest of the world has to offer. 

To discover more about how you can own holiday homes with August, join our next information webinar or book a call to speak with our team today.

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