South of France


What to do

An artists paradise, this French town is filled with pretty side lanes and was the last home of Picasso at the end of this life, after living here for 12 years.

Yves St Laurent also resided in the former post office. Mougins was also a favourite place for lunch for Liz Taylor and other Hollywood actors alike a nice break from cruising along the French Riviera in the summer. There are many fancy restaurants, super cars on display and shops selling art, but be aware during high season the restaurants close at 3pm so plan your visit accordingly. Many visit for gastronomic experiences and the relaxed atmosphere. With Picasso the main attraction, you will be able to see the walls he painted on the hotel where he first lived and eventually died in 1973. Pretending to be in a bullfight, smoking in a Breton shirt, is a framed shot of him in the photography museum. The best hours in Mougins are the ones between lunch and supper, when the crowds of gastronomic enthusiasts subsides. On rue du Maréchal, you can expect to see fresh produce from Madame Raimbault’s shop and the Musée d’Art Classique is a must for art lovers. You will of course see some more Picassos.

06250 Mougins