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Fractional ownership properties — the smart way to vacation

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Fractional ownership is a new, exciting, intelligent second home ownership alternative. Fractional owners purchase an interest in a residence or pooling of residences, in partnership with other owners. All fractional owners share time in the residence as well as its ongoing costs and expenses.

Typically, fractionals oversee residence management and maintenance, allowing ownership to be hassle-free.

Clients who do not want the day-to-day burdens and heavy costs of whole, outright vacation home ownership but who are looking for a property and usage program that is substantially greater than what is typically found with a traditional timeshare find fractional ownership to be ideal.

Our fractional properties meet our exacting standards

Our criteria are:

- A property that is highly desirable, well located, well designed, decorated, and appointed—a “jewel” that is unlike any other of its category

- A usage calendar that is attractive to a wide variety of owners

- Legal structure and supporting documents must be 100% correct to avoid any conflicts among owners

- Quality management must be in place to keep the property running smoothly and remove any unnecessary obligations by the owners

- Owners should be like-minded

August Collection house for sale/properties for sale/buy house/ in France, Spain, Italy, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and London ( Premium Collection South of France 2)

Fractional Ownership Properties for Flexible Lifestyles

Find excellent homes

The views, the spaces, the technology... We select every detail, every home and every destination meticulously for you to enjoy from the moment you walk through the door.


Where you choose to live should not be a cause for concern. Access exclusive homes with a much lower initial investment, flexible reserves and freedom to sell.

Personalized experiences

While you enjoy your home, we take care of the complete management, from routine maintenance to having the fridge full for when you arrive.

August Collection house for sale/properties for sale/buy house/ in France, Spain, Italy, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and London ( Premium Collection South of France 2)

Benefits of Fractional Property Ownership

Access to Home Ownership: Co-owning a property with others provides an opportunity to own a home that might otherwise be unaffordable. By sharing the costs with multiple owners, you can take advantage of all the amenities without overstretching your budget.

Enjoyment and Usage Rights: As a co-owner, you have the right to enjoy the property to its fullest extent, based on the specific type of co-ownership arrangement you have. This means you can use the property as if it were your own, within the agreed-upon terms.

Equity Building and Deeded Ownership: Shared co-ownership grants you a deed to a portion of the property, aligning your ownership's value with the real estate market's fluctuations. This arrangement offers the same potential for equity growth as owning an entire property.

Collaborative Maintenance and Costs: Co-ownership typically comes with an agreement that outlines how maintenance responsibilities and costs are shared among owners. Since you're only responsible for a fraction of these aspects, co-ownership can be particularly advantageous for a second home, where expenses, upkeep, and logistics might otherwise be burdensome.

Why Choose August collection?

Unique locations, meticulously selected
Exclusive homes at affordable prices
Special and personalized services
Easy and flexible booking from 6 weeks per year
Property 100% legal and adapted for you
Continuous advice from our team of trusted professionals (Garrigues, Andbank...)
Intelligent investment with high revaluation
Freedom to sell whenever you want, if you want

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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of co-ownership of property?

- Affordability: By sharing the purchase cost with other co-owners, you can access properties that may otherwise be out of reach.
- Shared Responsibilities: Maintenance, expenses, and other responsibilities are shared among co-owners, reducing individual burdens.
- Investment Opportunities: Co-ownership can provide a more accessible entry point into the property market as an investment.
- Flexibility: Depending on the agreement, co-ownership can offer flexibility in terms of usage and management of the property.
2. What does co-ownership of a property mean?

Co-ownership means that a property is owned by two or more individuals or entities. Each co-owner has a share in the property, and rights and responsibilities are typically outlined in a legal agreement. Co-ownership can take various forms, such as joint tenancy or tenants in common, each with its unique characteristics.

3. How are ongoing expenses and maintenance handled in co-ownership?

In a co-ownership arrangement, ongoing expenses and maintenance are usually shared among the co-owners according to their ownership percentage. This includes costs like property taxes, insurance, repairs, and upkeep. A co-ownership agreement often outlines how these expenses are divided and the process for handling them.

4. Can I sell my share of the co-owned property?

Yes, you can typically sell your share of a co-owned property. However, the process and conditions for selling may be governed by the co-ownership agreement. Some agreements may include provisions like offering the share to other co-owners first (right of first refusal) or requiring approval from other co-owners.

5. What happens if there are disputes among co-owners?

Disputes among co-owners are ideally resolved through communication and negotiation. Many co-ownership agreements include dispute resolution clauses outlining the process for handling disagreements, such as mediation or arbitration. Legal action may be a last resort if disputes cannot be resolved through other means.

6. Are there any tax implications for co-ownership?

Yes, co-ownership can have tax implications, including potential liability for property taxes, capital gains taxes, and income taxes related to rental income if the property is rented. The specific tax implications depend on various factors, including the type of co-ownership, the use of the property, and individual tax situations. It's advisable to consult with a tax professional to understand the tax implications for your particular co-ownership arrangement.





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