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August Signature Collection - French Riviera home

Holidays are an on-going thing with August, it doesn't stop nor does it need to end. Once you receive the keys to your August homes, it really is just the beginning of one endless holiday.

So when it comes down to sharing your holiday homes with other families, one pressing questions that we get asked from families wanting to join an August collections is "How do I book my holidays and will I get the weeks that I want?".

We created August so that holiday blues don't have to settle in and also to ensure our families can holiday during their favourite time of the year. With our smart and easy to use booking system, you can plan many holidays ahead as well as spontaneous trips, so that you and your family can make the most of your five unique homes all year round, whenever your favourite time of the year may be.

"I'm super impressed with the booking system, it's so well thought through and easy to navigate. We've already booked out trips for next year!

- Kimberley & Scott, Signature Collection co-owners"

Get the weeks you want

Once you own August holiday homes, enjoying them to the fullest means getting the time you want and this all starts with booking.

The smart August booking system has been developed with you in mind to compliment your August homes and make your holiday dreams as easy as 1, 2, 3. The booking system is straightforward to use and allows you to book the time you want, whenever you want.

Providing you more time than you might even have holidays for, the August booking system is based on a calendar of available weeks and a system of usage points. It's very simple. Discover how we've made it possible for you to get the time you want below:

Different families have different holiday needs

Your family is unique and not one family is the same. We know everyone's needs will be slightly different and your holidays might be anything from school holidays, long term stays, off-season adventures to last-minute "yeah-why-not" spontaneous trips. Depending on the make up, demographic and location of your family, we have carefully curated August collections so there's a mix of families with different needs, allowing everyone to get the time they want.

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"The  community with different families is great and August has done this very well. We really enjoy meeting other co-owners and some have even invited us to visit them next time we are on holidays.

- Heldi and Henrik, Signature Collection co-owners"

The right balance and perfect ratio

21 different families, 5 stunning homes = more than the time you need.

Co-ownership makes sense when it comes to holiday home ownership and is extremely attractive as it allows costs to be shared and significantly reduces the cost of owning properties abroad. That said, it was very important for us to still allow for enough flexibility in our booking system to make sure that our families get the weeks they want.

We've worked out the perfect families to homes ratio: 21 families for 5 homes allows an average 12 weeks per family. Many have asked why so many weeks and argue this is far more than what is needed but whilst this is true, it's also on purpose.

This balanced ratio allows for flexibility so that you will get the weeks that you want, while still making the co-ownership share price significantly lower than buying one of the homes on your own. If the number of families was to increase, it would be a struggle to get the most attractive dates, and families would feel pressure to travel at times that do not suit them.

Where's the fun in owning your own holiday homes when you can't use them when you want?

Points-based allocation of time

The booking system uses a points-based structure with each member of the collection allocated the same amount of usage points each year allowing you to book your weeks.

The weeks are divided into 4 different categories based on seasons with each category incurring different points.

For example, with their points, a family could book up to 20 low season weeks or 7 super peak weeks. The reality lies in the middle with families booking a mix of peak and low season weeks and it will vary depending on the families needs and flexibility.

"The first release of points went very smoothly and it's great to see that by phasing the releases there are still many exciting options in every month to aim for in the subsequent releases.

- Michelle and David, Signature Collection co-owners"

Batch releases for long and short term planners

Points are released in batches throughout the year to ensure a fair chance to book your preferred weeks as well as weeks during peak seasons. This allows for flexibility where you can book different holidays every year and at different points in time.

We've even ensured there's a guarantee of at least 1 week during the ski season and consecutive weeks during the Summer holidays so you won't miss out.

After all, these are your homes so we have carefully considered all your needs and designed our booking system to allow you to make the most of them.

So if you like to plan ahead, or even decide closer to the date, we have you covered. In fact, we've even factored in spontaneous trips so if one of your homes is available and you book within a 4 week period, we won't even use any of your points. That's even more time to holiday!

To find out more about the August booking system and how it works, get in touch at